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What Our Deliveries Look Like:

White Glove DeliverY

Site Preparation

Getting Ready for Your Shed:

Placement and Setup

Our delivery team will carefully position the shed: aligning the shed, ensuring it is level, and anchoring it securely to the ground, if necessary. Our team will ensure that the shed is ready for immediate use, allowing customers to start utilizing their new space right away.

Site Preparation

We can help coordinate having a level and properly cleared space where the shed will be placed. We can provides guidelines and recommendations for site preparation to ensure a smooth and successful delivery process.


What You Should Know:

Offsite Construction

Schrock Buildings constructs their sheds offsite, meaning that the majority of the building process takes place in a controlled environment at their manufacturing facility. This approach allows for efficient and precise construction, ensuring high-quality sheds are delivered to customers.

Timely Delivery

Schrock Buildings prides itself on providing prompt delivery services. Once the shed is completed and ready for transportation, the company schedules the delivery based on mutually agreed-upon dates with the customer. This ensures that the shed arrives within the specified timeframe, allowing customers to plan accordingly.

Professional Delivery Team

Schrock Buildings employs a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in shed delivery. These experienced individuals are trained to handle the transportation process carefully, ensuring that the shed is safely delivered to the customer’s location. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle different types of sheds.

Delivery Tracking and Communication

Schrock Buildings maintains open communication with customers throughout the delivery process. We provide updates on the status of the shed’s construction and notify customers when it is ready for delivery. We provide estimated arrival times to keep customers informed and ensure a smooth and transparent delivery experience.

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